15 Ingenious DIY Projects From Old Wine Barrels For A Rustic Look

The rustic decor style is a very unique style because it makes the entire place a little bit cozier with its weathered and natural look. Many furniture stores have realized that this exact look of the rustic style sells a lot so they have stocked up on all kinds of “fake” rustic decor and rustic furniture with quite some price tags. But that is not what the rustic style is about, no, not at all. The rustic decor should have its own story, its own history. It shouldn’t be something that was deliberately made to look worn out.
We are going to show you some DIY projects that are going to instruct you how to make rustic decorations and furniture from old wine barrels.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve featured 15 Ingenious DIY Projects From Old Wine Barrels For A Rustic Look. You simply have to check these awesome and easy projects out because they will show you a lot of ideas ranging from outdoor designs for the patio to wall decor and dog beds. All of the projects featured below also come together with complete step by step instructions so you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy!

1. Wine Barrel Ring Succulent Wreath

2. Coffee Table

3. Wine Barrel Water Garden

4. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

5. Rocking Chair Made From Recycled Barrels

6. Wine Barrel Cabinet

7. Wine Barrel Chair

8. Wine Barrel Nightstand

9. Rustic Pet House Made From A Wine Barrel

10. Tiered Whiskey Barrel Strawberry Planter

11. Wine Barrel Shelf Side Bar With Push Pin Travel Map

12. Wine Barrel Turned Candle Holder

13. Wood Barrel Bar Table

14. Wine Barrel Inspired Tray

15. Light Up Whiskey Barrel


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