15 Incredible DIY Projects You Can Make Using Old Books

Do you find yourself unable to store all of the books that you have? Here’s what you should do. Take all of the books that you have off the shelves. Go through each and every one and separate them into two heaps. In the first one, you will place every book that you have no intention to read or give away. In the other heap, you will place the rest of the books which will be the ones that you should keep.
Now, you’ve got plenty of books that can be used as crafting material. Don’t worry if there are a lot of them because we’re going to show you a wide variety of projects that you can use them on.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’re going to show you how to do theseΒ 15 Incredible DIY Projects You Can Make Using Old Books.Β Check them out below and refer to the tutorials if you need any guidance in the form of step by step instructions. You can find the tutorials for each project right underneath the image of the project that you want to craft. Enjoy!

1. DIY Hidden Book Storage

2. Book Page Rose Wreath DIY Projects

3. Turn Old Books Into A Knife Block

4. Iphone Dock From Old Books

5. Old Books Into Wall Shelf

6. DIY Deer Book Art

7. Book Photo Frame

8. Old Book Clock

9. Book Page Pumpkin

10. DIY Old Book Accordion Organizer

11. Book Page Wreath

12. Heart Garland From Old Books

13. Dollar Store Book Topiary DIY

14. Place Card Holders Made Out Of Old Books

15. DIY Book Vase Planter


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