15 Imaginative DIY Beads Projects You Will Love Crafting

Decorating your home with DIY decorations is an amazing and wholesome experience that fulfills your need for creativity and change. The best part is that it is almost always very economic and accessible and that is certainly the case with these DIY beads projects that we are going to showcase today. Beads can open up a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to crafting as they are incredibly flexible and a creative person can come up with some really cool designs.

Welcome to a new compilation of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 15 Imaginative DIY Beads Projects You Will Love Crafting. Have a look through the following designs where you will be able to find awesome projects made from wooden beads or from perler plastic beads. Either of these two materials are just so easy to work with and you can find a whole bunch of them for just a few dollars. So, jump right into the ideas and follow the instructions if you want to try a few of them out. Happy crafting!

1. Perler Bead Coaster

2. DIY Heart Shaped Beaded Decorative Tree

3. Glass Bead Vase

4. DIY Perler Beads Fruit Bowl

5. Plastic Bead Bowl

6. Bead Key Holder

7. Cutesy Covers

8. Perler Bead Tray

9. Simple Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

10. Gorgeous Garden Gazing Ball

11. Woven Bead Planter

12. DIY Beads Project – West Elm Inspired Wood Trivet

13. Beaded Wind Chime

14. Beaded Candle Holder

15. DIY Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland


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