15 Fun Easter Crafts To Keep The Kids Busy During Lockdown

In times like these, we may come to realize that staying at home with the entire family is something that we never had enough of. But for those of you with little kids, staying at home for so long might not be as easy. After all, kids will be kids and they need something to do. Well, with Easter just around the corner, we’ve actually got a few ideas you can present to your kids and get them busy. It involves using stuff around the home to make Easter crafts that can be used to decorate your home for the holiday, or purely, just for fun.

Welcome to our latest collection of DIY ideas in which you are going to see 15 Fun Easter Crafts To Keep The Kids Busy During Lockdown. Have a skim through the designs that we’ve compiled in this list and select a few you think your kids would like to do. They are quite simple but they will be good when you just want to keep the kids engaged for a few hours. Oh, also, there are complete step by step tutorials in case you don’t want to let them figure it all out on their own. Enjoy!

1. Bunny basket made from a milk carton

2. Bunny eggs

3. Marshmallow Easter bunny

4. Popsicle stick Easter puzzles

5. Beautiful, fun and edible Easter flower arrangement

6. Paint chip Easter garland

7. DIY Easter Carrot Button Art

8. Small paper plate Easter bunny

9. Yarn Easter egg

10. Egg carton hens

11. Paper plate Easter chick

12. Cute Repurposed Towel Easter Bunny

13. Cardboard Easter Bunny Craft

14. Mini wooden Easter baskets

15. Easter egg carton chicks


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