15 Fantastic Scandinavian Powder Room Interiors For Compact Spaces

The powder room is not the type of room that you would find in every home, or rather, you won’t find it labeled under that name as most homeowners merge the functionality of a powder room and a guest bathroom into one space. So, what can you expect from the Scandinavian powder room then? It’s a compact space designed to be used as a smaller version of the Scandinavian bathroom. Its main purpose is to provide a second bathroom that can provide a space to apply makeup, wash hands or use the toilet in a lot less space.

Today’s compilation is going to introduce you to 15 Fantastic Scandinavian Powder Room Interiors For Compact Spaces. Spend a couple of minutes to explore this fresh list and you’re going to find inspirational ideas for a room that can be located closer to the living room in your Scandinavian home and provide a more convenient way to wash your hands or use the toilet when you’re in that section of your home, or when you have guests over. Alternatively, it can be adjoined to your Scandi-style bathroom. Enjoy!

1. Saratoga Whimsy House

2. Olive Passive House

3. Project Allenvale

4. Scandinavian Modern Rambler

5. Scandinavian Powder Room

6. Owl House

7. Regency Family Townhouse

8. Z Apartment

9. Kalterra Court

10. Dunstans Road

11. Eunos Crescent

12. Cover House

13. Scandinavian Powder Room

14. Tribeca II

15. Skyview


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