15 Fabulous DIY Valentine’s Cards That Will Express Your Love

Have you picked the perfect Valentine’s gift for her or for him already? How about a beautiful card to go with it? Don’t worry about buying one, we’ll show you how to make one by yourself that is much better than the generic ones offered in the stores.
DIY Valentine’s cards are the best way to show your love because it was intentionally made by you for someone you really love. Your significant other will appreciate that. But there’s plenty of other things that are great about DIY Valentine’s cards and that is the fact that you can customize them all you want. You can choose to be funny, romantic or both. There are no limits.

It is refreshing to welcome you to a new collection of DIY ideas that are not always related to architecture, interior design or homes in general. We thought this might be a great occasion to help you create a pleasant surprise for someone you love, therefore, we have featured 15 Fabulous DIY Valentine’s Cards That Will Express Your Love in this collection. You’ll find plenty of amazing DIY Valentine’s cards below. You will definitely want to make some of them. Enjoy!

1. Paper Airplane DIY Valentine’s Cards

2. DIY Valentine Pop Up Card

3. Button Heart Valentine’s Card

4. Ribbon Scrap Valentine’s Card

5. Wool You Be My Valentine

6. Hearts Flower Card

7. I Love You Pop Up Card

8. Sending Love Card

9. Hearts Abounding Valentine’s Card

10. You Hold The Key To My Heart

11. You’re Totally Tea-Riffic Card

12. Lots Of Eyes Valentine’s Card

13. DIY Pop Up Valentine’s Day Card

14. Falling Die Cut Hearts

15. Valentine’s Shaker Card


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