15 Charming DIY Mason Jar Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day is not as easy as it might seem because a gift is more than just an object. A sincere gift should have a meaning. It should be able to get a message across on its own. It really is not important whether it cost you a fortune to buy it or you simply made it by yourself in a couple of hours. In fact, I would rather receive a DIY gift knowing that whoever made it spent some of their precious time, using their effort to create something specifically for me. That is why we encourage you to try some of the DIY mason jar gifts for Valentine’s Day that we’ve got in this collection.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY gift ideas in which we’re going to show you 15 Charming DIY Mason Jar Gifts For Valentine’s Day. Take a look at the photos below and you will fall in love with these awesome DIY mason jar gifts that we’ve featured. The best part about them is that they are quite easy to craft by yourself and to make it all easier, we’ve also included links to their respective tutorials that are going to guide you with step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Valentine Glitter Votives

2. Valentine Heart Snow Globe

3. Fabric Hearts In Mason Jar

4. Distressed Painted Valentine Heart Jars

5. Valentine Chalkboard Mason Jars

6. Love Story Candle In A Bottle Valentine Lights

7. Mason Jar Valentine Chalkboard Vases

8. Last Minute Chalkboard Valentine Jar

9. Mason Jar Golden Vases For Valentines

10. Valentine’s Day Votive

11. Mini Jam Valentine Jars

12. Heart In A Jar Valentine

13. DIY Valentine Jars

14. Red Valentine Jars With Glitter And Confetti

15. Mini Mason Jar Chocolate Scented Valentine Candles


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