15 Extraordinary Modern Industrial Kitchen Interior Designs

In our previous collection of 15 Mind-blowing Industrial Bathroom Designs For Inspiration we have shown to you that the industrial bathroom design does not always mean it is an old bathroom made of rusty pipes and dusty old bricks.
Today, we are going to do the same for the industrial kitchen.

In this new collection of 15 Extraordinary Modern Industrial Kitchen Interior Designs we are going to show you a vast spectrum of industrial kitchen designs which we consider are a great example of modern and contemporary elements within the industrial design.

The designs featured in this collection are going to amaze you with the way two very different styles were merged together, mostly because the modern and contemporary design styles aim for a sleek and elegant design without many accents using sharp and straight lines and edges, while the industrial design features quite a lot of accents and use of old and re-purposed materials such as wood, bricks and metal. Enjoy!

Marine Loft

Hard Loft Space

Division Street

Franklin Street Loft

Loft Apartment Notting Hill

Sta Caterina Home. Living by the Market

Contemporary black kitchen with concrete counters and stainless steel fixtures

Shoreditch Warehouse

Funky Cabin Kitchen

Yellow House

Industrial Kitchen

Hyde Garage

Broadview Lofts Residence

Third Floor Open Floor Plan – Industrial Kitchen Space

Project 6


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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