15 Extraordinary Contemporary Dining Room Designs

The contemporary dining room by nature is a very simple space. Unlike a kitchen or a living room, which often has more than one purpose, your dining room’s sole purpose is about eating and entertaining.

Even though you might not be using it that frequently nowadays, it is a room great to have during those big family reunions or your child’s enormous birthday party.

But this simplicity is also what makes it really difficult to decorate and renovate. The easiest change that you can make to your contemporary dining room is only swapping your furniture around and maybe adding some small accents.
As the focal point of the dining room, your dining set, including the table and chairs, should be your biggest investment and a base for the style of the whole room.

In order to give you a couple of ideas about what you can turn your dining room into, we have made this new collection of 15 Extraordinary Contemporary Dining Room Designs in which we have featured different contemporary dining room designs from various homes that are a perfect example for renovation or simply change. Enjoy!

Sunset Strip

Stafford Terrace

Minimalist Contemporary Dining Room in White

RBC Bletchley Loft

Cottesloe Residence

Notting Hill House

Bespoke New Basement Kitchen, Kingston, London

Brookstone Estates – The Holt

Denver Ranch

Kitchen extension

Willowgrove Dining Room

Orchard Lake Residence

Contemporary Dining Room With A Huge Table Made Of Wood


Yellowstone Club II


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