15 Entertaining Contemporary Kids’ Room Designs

The kids’ room is probably the hardest room to fit in a home which has interior that has been designed in the contemporary design style. The reason behind this problem is because the kids’ room requires a lot of decorations which means there need to be ornaments on the walls and furniture as well a lot of details. And all of that is alright, but the problem is that the contemporary design style is exactly the opposite. It’s features are very simple: sharp edges, little to no details and minimalist furniture, which won’t really make a kids’ room really fun and entertaining for the children.
But in this collection of 15 Entertaining Contemporary Kids’ Room Designs, we have featured contemporary kids’ room designs whose designers have somehow managed to create the perfect balance between the requirements for a living room and the rules of the contemporary design style and merged it into a beautiful and entertaining room for the children. Enjoy!

Contemporary Kids’ Room

Windgate Ranch

Tamara H Design

Parallel to the sea – House in Barcelona – Susanna Cots

Robeson Design Kids Toy and Playroom Storage Solutions

Goldleaf Mansion


43 M2

Custom Colonial

House on the Heath

Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Chambre “1-2-3, soleil !”

Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Contemporary Kids’ Room

Apartment in Klaipeda 011


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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