15 Engaging Eclectic Kids’ Room Designs Any Kid Would Be Excited To Play In

Since you already know all about the eclectic interior design style from our recent showcase of this style which featured many collections, each showcasing a separate area from the home such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living roomdining room and conservatorywe are going to show you why an eclectic kids’ room might be the perfect choice for your kids.
The reason this style makes a great choice for a children’s room is because it pretty much has no rules. It allows the usage of almost anything as furniture and decoration which is exactly what the kids’ room should be like. No rules, only fun.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection of kids’ room interior designs in which we have featured 15 Engaging Eclectic Kids’ Room Designs Any Kid Would Be Excited To Play In. This collection will give you a great amount of amazing designs for your kids’ room. Enjoy!

African theme kid bedroom

Menlo Park Fantasy Girls’ Playroom with Custom Loft Bed

Eclectic Kids’ Room

Extreme Makeover

Princess Bedroom

Kilgore home in Greenville, SC

Sydenham Home

Cottesloe Hilltop Residence

Tiny Totem Children’s Room

1189 cottonwood lane – remodel

A Loft for Legos and Hours of Fun

Queenscliffe Apartment

Argyll Place

Eclectic Kids’ Room Interior Design

Country house


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