15 Creative & Practical DIY Mail Organizer Ideas You Should Give A Try

Keeping a clutter-free entrance is one of the best welcomes that you can give yourself every time you step inside. This makes it sound incredibly difficult but the reality is, it isn’t actually that complicated. Of course, you should start with the small things and then move up to the bigger things that can clutter your foyer.
A DIY mail organizer is a great start as it is more than just a mail organizer. You can properly store and organize most of the small items that are typically found all over the entry hall in a simple wall-mounted organizer.

Take a look at this new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featured 15 Creative & Practical DIY Mail Organizer Ideas You Should Give A Try. Don’t put it off for later, this is something that you can easily do in a very short time and as a result, you’ll tidy up your home’s entrance. We’ve included step by step instructions so all you need to do really is just follow the tutorials. Enjoy!

1. DIY Fabric Wall Organizer

2. Wood Cut Letter Holder

3. Mail Center – Upcycled Formula Tubs

4. DIY Chalkboard And Key Hooks

5. Anthropologie Wall Organizer

6. Mail Holder Makeover

7. IKEA Hack Mail Rack

8. Pottery Barn Knock Off Mail Sorter

9. Cereal Box Letter Sorter

10. Turn A Window Shutter Into A Mail Organizer

11. Cardboard Mail Sorter

12. Wooden Mail Sorter

13. Organization Bins

14. DIY Wall Mail Sorter

15. Radiator-Screen Organizer


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