15 Crazy Simple, Quick and Cheap Halloween Crafts You Must Make

Are you looking forward to Halloween? It is a very fun holiday but not everybody wants to spend a fortune on decorations and that makes a lot of sense. So what can you do if your budget doesn’t allow you to waste money for Halloween decor and yet you want to make your home breathe in the spirit of Halloween? As usual, this is where dollar store crafts come in and this time, we’ve got plenty of awesome Halloween crafts that you can make using simple dollar store supplies and just a little bit of effort.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 15 Crazy Simple, Quick and Cheap Halloween Crafts You Must Make. Take a look at the projects that we’ve compiled in this fresh collection and you will find yourself inspired by a bunch of very creative ideas. These projects will show you how to turn ordinary, everyday stuff that you might even have around your home into fun, spooky Halloween crafts that you can use as holiday decorations. Happy crafting!

1. Skeleton Dish DIY

2. Halloween Crafts – Spider Light Centerpiece

3. Dollar Store Mummy Hand

4. Spooky Spider Vase

5. Paper Bats for the lampshade


7. Turn your home’s entrance into a monster

8. Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin


10. Ghost Halloween Candy Bowl

11. Glow Stick Balloons

12. Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

13. Quick, Inexpensive DIY Halloween Ghost Luminaries

14. Balloon ghosts

15. Incredibly Easy Eyeball Wreath


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