15 Awesome DIY Furniture Refinishing Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

There always comes a time when you start noticing the little things in your home like scratches on the furniture, worn-off paint or something that has become boring and dull looking. The first thing that comes to mind is to throw that piece of furniture out and buy a new one but immediately after you give up the idea because it would simply cost too much money that can be applied elsewhere, right? Well, there’s still something you can do that doesn’t involve throwing furniture out. You can simply refinish it and give it a new life or a completely new look. How? You’ll see below.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show youΒ 15 Awesome DIY Furniture Refinishing Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Money. Take a look at the following ideas that will show you how to give new life to your old and boring or damaged furniture. These DIY ideas are cheap and easy but will totally transform your old furniture. All you need to do is follow the tutorials to the step by step instructions that will guide you along the way. Enjoy!

1. Glamorous Dresser Makeover

2. Farmhouse Desk Rescue

3. Simple Aqua Redo

4. Farmhouse Style Finish

5. Stain And Stencil A Table

6. Distressing Painted Furniture

7. DIY Gold Dipped Bar Stools

8. Rusty Metal Chairs To Modern Outdoor Set

9. Quick And Easy Way To Refinish Wooden Furniture

10. Refinishing A Table

11. Revive A Bedside Table With Wall Decal

12. Fix Faded Aluminum Patio Furniture

13. Perfectly Striped Drawers

14. Flawless Furniture Finish

15. Refinishing Wrought Iron Patio Furnitures


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