15 Awesome DIY Bookshelf Ideas Every Bookworm Will Want To Craft

When it comes to storing and displaying books, most people choose to do it publicly. Of course, there are some people that would rather keep their book collection private in some cupboard or enclosed shelving unit, but it is fair to say that most books deserve to be out in view. However, if you’ve got a rather large collection of books or you intend to have one, you will need to figure out how to properly store and display all of them. That is where a DIY bookshelf might come in handy, and even if you only want to display just a handful of books, you can find an idea that will suit that purpose.

Welcome to this new compilation of DIY projects in which we are going to showcase these 15 Awesome DIY Bookshelf Ideas Every Bookworm Will Want To Craft. Most of these shelves are quite easy to craft on your own, but even the more complicated ones come together with complete step by step instructions that will make sure you don’t get stuck anywhere. Have a look at them. One of these ideas might be the perfect addition to your home decor or the perfect gift for a bookworm. Enjoy!

1. DIY Ladder Shelves

2. DIY Spine Bookshelf

3. IKEA Billy Bookcase Makeover

4. Bookshelf Chair

5. Toscana Bookshelf

6. Metal Basket Shelf

7. Ironbound Bookcase

8. DIY Easy Leather Strap Shelf

9. DIY Colorful Crate Bookshelf

10. Industrial Piping Shelves

11. Wood And Brick Stackable Shelf

12. Industrial Rustic Bookshelf

13. DIY Modern Rustic Bookshelf

14. DIY Office Bookcase

15. Rustic X Bookshelf Tutorial


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