14 Mesmerizing Indoor Water Fountains For A Soothing Ambient In Your Home

There are great ways to decorate a room which really make a difference by switching up the layout of the stuff inside, adding new pieces of decor or completely changing the color palette for a brand new experience, and then there are the completely epic ways of decorating a room that fill it with life and turn it into an incredibly soothing space to be in. Indoor water fountains are known to do that. Using one in your decor can create an amazing focal point or it can be a very beautiful backdrop that will make its presence known. Having a water feature in your living room is an amazing way to create a relaxing atmosphere that only running water can achieve.

In today’s compilation of unique home decor ideas, we are going to show you 14 Mesmerizing Indoor Water Fountains For A Soothing Ambient In Your Home. You might think that an indoor water fountain is very expensive, but while they could get to some ridiculously high prices, you can find a beautiful water fountain at a very reasonable price. Alternatively, you can make on your own if you’re one of our DIY fans and have the tools to undertake such a crafting project. Whichever way you choose to obtain an indoor water fountain, you will love it and you will find your home unusually refreshing. Enjoy!

1. Beautiful Indoor Water Fountains Designs

2. Bamboo Fountain

3. Triple Trickle Honey Pots Water Feature


4. Indoor Water Fountain and Humidifier

5. Autumn Leaves Water Fountain

6. Wooden Barrel Water Fountain

7. Decorative Pot Fountains


8. Stacked Bricks Cascading Fountain


9. Tiered Coffee Table Fountain

10. Indoor Water Lily Fountain

11. Sunnydaze Stacked Rocks

12. Seashells Teal Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Fountain

13. ToadstoolΒ  High Fountain

14. Build a DIY Indoor Water Fountain



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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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