14 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Designs With Beautiful Fireplace

The fireplace is a small luxury item for any home, usually conceived as part of the living room. However, integrating the fireplace in the bedroom makes this luxury item more relaxing element of enjoyment in the home. The feeling that a fireplace creates in us during the cold winter days is irresistible and irreplaceable. Modern designers have tried to meet everyone’s taste – so everyone can find elegant and sophisticated fireplaces with many details that irresistibly evoke the old French and Italian fireplaces.

For the fans of urban design can be found fireplace designs without smoke and odor. Specifically, they use a special liquid based on ethanol which can fit a lot different premises. Such fireplaces are mostly made out of glass, with highly unusual shapes and can be placed high on the wall.

For those who prefer the classic style, there are the simple fireplaces built of bricks or those of white marble. The choice is really big. In our today’s article we will focus on the relationship between the bedroom and fireplace. While most of the inspirational ideas on the web are for the design of the fireplace in the living room, today we decided to turn our attention to several amazing fireplaces in the master bedroom. Check out below, and you will see many inspirational ideas for everyone’s taste.



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