14 Fascinating Backsplash Designs That Are Trendy This Season

In our kitchens on the walls, we usually have annoying tiles that we got with the apartment. However, this may not always be the case… Replace the tiles with interesting wallpapers – mosaic tiles, photo wallpaper, glass walls or something else – inserted into the space above the worktop, these design elements offer many decorative and functional possibilities. To prove it, we’ve compiled a bunch of some interesting ideas for decorating your kitchen backsplash.

Here you can find many interesting patterns, designs, colors, that suit every kind of kitchen, no matter if it is contemporary, modern or classic… Check out below, browse our interesting collection and get inspired. Do you want your kitchen to have glass tiles, or mosaic tiles, or maybe some cute wallpaper or photo? Here at the following collection you can find ideas for all tastes and desires.  At the end, which one is your favorite? Do you prefer classic look with simple colors, or you want modern and chick look to break the monotony? Enjoy in our inspirational collection and get inspired to enter similar changes in your kitchen!


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