12-Bedroom Yonkers – NY Home Maximized for Guests Using Resource Furniture

Project: 12-Bedroom Yonkers
Architects: Studio 360
Location: New York, USA
Photographs by: provided by Resource Furniture

12-Bedroom Yonkers by Studio 360

When Sara Jazayeri of Studio 360 was tasked with creating guest accommodations in a 12-bedroom Yonkers, NY home, she turned to Resource Furniture, the leader in sustainable, multi-functional home furnishings, to maximize the space and add flexibility. The homeowners were looking for creative ways to add more beds for guests, without devoting additional rooms to solely bedrooms. By outfitting the home with four wall beds, these rooms now serve as bedrooms and comfortable, productive spaces for use throughout the day.

Resource Furniture outfitted the first room with their Ella & Louis wall bed. The result is a design that is as sophisticated and unique as it is meticulously executed. The “Queen-Plus”-size wall bed has an integrated sofa — but press the hidden release button and the Ella & Louis divides into two separate single-sized beds with integrated armchairs — an ideal space solution perfect for a variety of guests.

To create additional sleeping space in uncommon spaces, the team installed the Penelope Sofa in the laundry room. This out-of-the-box bed placement was brought to life through close collaboration between the client, designer, and Resource Furniture. This vertically-opening, freestanding wall bed features a queen-size bed and integrated bench-seat sofa, to allow ample space for washing and folding when guests aren’t present. The home was completed with two Altea Sofas — vertically-opening, freestanding wall beds featuring single-size beds and integrated bench-seat sofas.

-Project description and images provided by Studio 360


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