11 Wonderful Autumn Party Ideas for the Most Festive Celebration so Far

What’s the best way to enjoy the season’s delights? The simple answer is an elegant celebration!

The temperatures are already starting to dip and the summer winds down, so we begin to exchange the hot days by the water for the enchantingly crisp and cozy autumn weather. The autumn brings us a bit of solace and peace – from pumpkin carving, apple picking to autumn hosting. if you have trouble with ideas, or simply you have a short list of ones we are here to help you around for the upcoming celebrations.

We have gathered 11 brilliant autumn party ideas from boozy fall brunches to baking apples and pumpkin breads so you can enjoy completely! Read on for the autumn party ideas that will invite celebratory spirit at your household.

1. Host a Boozy Fall Party

Giving a toast to autumn season with a champagne color scheme and plenty of bottles for popping with the boozy party! At this photo there is pampas grass that has been used as a centerpiece with gold sparkly pears to ground each place setting.

2. DIY Fresh Herb Garland

This herb garland takes only 10 minutes to be made and is the perfect excuse to gather your lovely family and friends. The good thing is that you can take it home and weave it into your own autumn decor.

3. Throw a Autumn Brunch Party

The brunch parties are a foolproof option year round but the flavor of autumn make them even more special. The upcoming seasonal sensation is everything – pumpkin spice muffins, apple cider mimosas and baked fruit casseroles make the autumn even more welcoming!

4. Celebrate Autumn Flavors with a Harvest Party

Creamy squash, crisp apples, hearty pecans and so much more, the flavors of autumn are best celebrated with a feast that spotlights these seasonal delights. Here has been made a tomato bisque, autumn fruit salad, orzo salad and sourdough bread.

5. … and End it with a Picnic

Who doesn’t want to enjoy in a potluck-style picnic right on the farm? Or any place where connected with nature and the smell that autumn leaves create. Pick the perfect pumpkins and get ready to brunch and celebrate!

6. Bake Personal-Sized Pumpkin Bread

The party vibe can keep going on strong if you head back home and end the night with some homemade pumpkin bread. Yummy in your tummy!

7. Barn Party

Winsome and Wright Photography

Have no fear if you want to organize a formal affair. The perfect backdrop is a barn for an elegant autumn party. When surrounded with friends and family and fall foliage everything will turn out super wonderful!

8. Make some Festive Desserts

Guess what? Even the spookiest treats are still sweet! That’s one of the many reasons you should definitely make them the star of the night!

9. Host an Autumnal Cheese Tasting

There are endless charcuterie options to go through so you can play into an autumn palette. Get prepared with wine, from berry jam to cinnamon spiced cheeses and lots of honey on the table. You can’t get it wrong!

10. Throw a Pie Baking Party

Hosting a pie baking night will get your friend into your house in a second! This is the perfect way to bond over while enjoying seasonal delights.

11. Pumpkin Carving

No matter if you have no idea how to carve a pumpkin, or you are a skilled artist in doing it, it still is the most fun thing to do in autumn season, especially for Halloween. So, they are coming handy once you get prepared for your Halloween decor too.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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