10 Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Buying a Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a long-term investment. Instead of getting disappointed and wasting your money, it is better to make some decisions before selecting a mattress company. It is obvious that people spend almost 7 to 8 hours while sleeping on the mattress, thus take your time and make a well-informed and sensible decision. Here are some of the supportive tips to avoid mistakes while purchasing a quality mattress:

Understand your Sleeping Style

Sleeping is the best way to revitalize your energy. Every person sleeps in a different manner. It means the buyers must understand their sleeping pattern and should not select an ordinary mattress. Inform the salesman about your requirement, so he can suggest the right product. The Dynamic Slat system can figure out your sleep type, and suggests a variety of mattressโ€™ core for partners, who share mattresses.

Expectations Concerning the Price & Luxury Level

It is a common belief that expensive mattresses are made up of quality materials. Keep in mind that high rates do not give surety of maximum comfort. It is noticed that some costly mattress companies have received the highest ratio of customersโ€™ dissatisfaction. Investing hundreds of dollars does not mean that you will be given the product that suits your body and sleep pattern. Instead of relying on price, take your time and search for the most suitable product.

Consider Substitutes

Sometimes the buyers make their mind for a specific brand or price point. They reject the alternatives offered by the salesman. Denying to consider suggestions can be a big blunder. When a sales assistant understands your preferences, he can show you the alternative options which may result in quality product and sound sleep.

Do not Rely on Unknown Retailers

In mattress industry, there are good and bad retailers. Before selecting a retailer, invest about his reputation and prefer to purchase from the outfit that is famous for trustworthy services.

Supportive Mattress for Enjoyable Sleep

According to National Sleep Foundation, supportive mattress has the capability to make your sleep enjoyable. It will never let you keep on turning your side the whole night. The supportive mattress helps in getting deep sleep and waking up without any pain or aches.

More Layers Do not Mean More Relaxation

If you are selecting a memory foam, do not assume that additional layers will give you more comfort. Most of the memory foams have two or three layers. The heaviest layer sustains the shape of the mattress, whereas the top layer is meant to increase the comfort level. It is recommended to select two layer mattress and pay more attention to its quality.

Role of Coils

Though the number of coils is related to the quality of the mattress, however, coils cannot be the basic factor while checking the quality. The durability of a mattress is affected by the number of coils, their form, number of wires in each coil and thickness. It is better to make a decision without giving value to coils.

Price Based Decision

The price factor cannot be disregarded while buying a mattress; however, too much emphasis on price is disastrous. Sleeping needs are given more value than the price.

Get Benefit of Test Period

Mattress companies usually offer 3 to 12 week trial period. While buying, get details of trial period terms and conditions. Always remember that your body requires some time in order to get adjusted with new mattress, so do not reject a mattress on urgent basis.

Do not Forget to Bargain

Once the right type of mattress is selected, try to get some discount from retailers. It is recommended to claim for sale price, irrespective of the time of the year. If the retailer is making a raw deal, do not hesitate in discarding the deal.


Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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