10 Patterned Wallpapers for a Child’s Room

The children’s room is a place of the house quite singular because the parents generally try to create an atmosphere not in their image but that of their offspring. We will then have playful, imaginary, curious… and conducive to sleep at the same time. In this article, we invite you to discover a selection of 10 themes of patterned wallpapers to decorate your child’s bedroom. You will see, there are a little more than 10 papers in this selection.

1. Stars on the Wallpaper and in the Bedroom

We begin this selection with a well-known motif in children’s bedrooms: stars. They come in different sizes, in different colors. They are quite timeless unlike other designs more focused on your child’s interests. The stars are also gender-neutral, they pass as well in the room of a boy as a girl. It is more decorative accessories that will give them a genre or possibly the color.

2. Vintage Mickey Mouse Wallpapers

In a very different vein, we fell in love with this slightly vintage wallpaper with the main character Mickey. This cartoon wallpaper reminds us of good memories and unlike the superhero or cartoons like Cars, Mickey is a timeless character that will appeal even to older children.

3. Wallpaper to Make Your Children Want to Travel the World

More contemporary, we have a wallpaper that invites you to travel. This theme is not exclusively reserved for adults, children also have the right to discover the world. We like this type of wallpaper because it arouses the curiosity of the child and makes him want to discover what surrounds him even if it is far away. It’s fun and nice.

4. Small Flowers – A Classic in the Nursery

The classic liberty. Even if this floral motif is a little less highlighted than a few years ago, it remains a sure bet for the bedroom of the youngest. Softness is inherent in this type of wallpaper. Liberty adapts to trendy colors. This is how it is found in pastel shades. A concentrate of tenderness on the bedroom walls!

5. Comics and Superheroes Wallpapers

Less tender but topical: the superheroes came out straight from the American Comics. Children love movies, they will also appreciate finding the superheroes of which they are fans on their bedroom walls. There is a lot of choice as to the presentation of the superhero, I find it interesting.

6. Metallic Polka Dot Wallpaper

Return of geometry, after stars, circles. The polka dot wallpaper is simple and effective. He decorates without overdoing it. And to bring a touch of fantasy why not go on a metallic color that takes up the trend of “big”. gold, pink brass, these are colors that can also be found elsewhere in the house.

7. Animals on the Wall of the Child’s Room

Animals have always been present in the imagination and the world of children. They have always had a special place in the room and can be found in the form of wallpaper. There too there are many choices and you will easily find your happiness. The “animal” motif is both playful and soft.

8. Children’s Nature and Landscapes Wallpaper

We talked about travel, we can also think of nature and landscapes for your child’s room. A way to open your world to escape, other than with a card. The simplicity of the patterns makes this type of wallpaper neutral and suitable even for the youngest.

9. Wallpaper and Exotic Animals for the Bedroom

The penultimate pattern of wallpaper for the children’s room: exotic animals. A variant of the animals presented above. We associate travel and animals and very often exotic species fascinate children. The exotic decoration has its place everywhere in the house and the nursery or cuts not, even if these are more suitable patterns.

La Redoute

10. Flowers for the Child’s Room

And to complete this selection, we offer you the last wallpaper with flowers a little bigger than liberty, this one is very poetic and soft. The dark color is completely trendy and we like the contrast that can be created with light or white furniture.


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