10 Modern Bedrooms You Will Fall In Love With

Whether you’re into luxurious leather beds or minimalist Scandi-chic, here are 10 modern bedrooms that will inspire your next bedroom makeover!


Striped style

One of the biggest trends to hit interiors in 2016 is stripes which can be easily implemented into your bedroom through a stripy rug that’s so much easier to achieve than that ocean view!



Tan is the colour

Although Pantone stated that rose quartz and serenity blue will be the big colours of 2016, this bedroom shows that there’s nothing like the rich hues of tan to add a good dose of warmth for the winter months.


Clean lines

It’s something of a cliche, but if you’re really after the sleekly modernist style, then make sure you chuck out the chintz and implement straight lines in your beds, furniture and soft furnishings.


Innovative lighting

What better way to really ramp up the style than by investing in some eye-catching lighting technology such as this row of spotlights that adds a deluxe urban twist to this contemporary bedroom.


The power of white

Another failsafe option for the modernist look is to strip back the colour palette back to the bare minimum of clean white which is just as simple to implement as the latest trends that have been handily outlined online.


Be bold

OK so this design might not suit all tastes, but being truly modern is all about being bold and making a big impression which is certainly the case with this minimalist bright orange bedroom!


Mix it up

Being modern doesn’t mean you have to be boring. And that’s definitely the case with this bedroom that uses a range of fun colours and textures and shows why the boho chic manage to be playful yet endlessly modern.


Modern opulence

It can be hard to give your modern bedroom an individual twist, but this luxurious bedroom uses rich blue wallpaper and soft textures to create a unique and desirable look – it just needs that leather bed for the ultimate in modern luxury!


Mid century modern

Sometimes we need to look back in order to go forward, and this wonderful bedroom uses stylish retro furniture to make the most of the mid century modern revival that’s showing no sign of slowing down.


Have fun

But as this room shows, there’s nothing like letting your imagination run riot to give you a room that makes the most of modernist trends. So whether you’re into soft green blankets, yellow owl bedside tables, or even just an endlessly modern leather bed, you can get a modernist style if you just let go and have fun!


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