10 Inspiring Photos of Different Types of Bathroom Windows

Brightness, ventilation and privacy. These are the three most important points to evaluate when choosing the bathroom window. There are currently a number of window designs and sizes to choose from. But not all of them will fit your bathroom. You need to analyze the particulars of each environment before choosing the best window.

And of course this post will help you find the right window. We’ve put together everything you need to know about bathroom windows below, follow! 

Window measures x bathroom size

The first thing you need to look into is the size of your bathroom. This is because the window must adjust in proportion to the available space so that adequate privacy, brightness and ventilation are not lost. The small bathroom window, for example, should preferably be installed at the top of the wall near the ceiling.

A large bathroom window can be larger in size and be installed in the central part of the wall. Depending on the space, it is still possible to have more than one window in the bathroom. In this case, prioritize at least one to the bath area so that shower steam can dissipate more easily. 

Bathroom Window Types


The tilting bathroom window is one of the most used. This type of window is usually purchased in standard sizes of 50 × 50 cm or 60 × 60 cm. However, it is also possible to make a tailor-made tilting model.

Another option is to use a double tilting bathroom window model, thus ensuring as much ventilation and lighting as possible. The tilting window opens outwards, is the bottom of the window slides outwards until it reaches the maximum opening point. Meanwhile, the top of the window remains motionless.


The pivoting bathroom window model also ensures optimum lighting and ventilation. Similar to previous models, the pivot differs only by the vertical central opening, that is, the leaf rotates around itself reaching full opening.

To run

For those who have large bathrooms a good solution is the sliding windows. In this model, installed in the central part of the wall, the leaves run sideways and parallel to each other. However, privacy may be compromised depending on where your bathroom is located.

To Open

The opening window is another option for those with large bathrooms. And the disadvantage, as with the running model, is the lack of privacy. One way to solve this problem is by using a blind, curtain or even opting for a model with shutter included.

With Grid

If your bathroom window points to the outside of the house you will most likely want a model with grilles to enhance the security of the property. Virtually all window models may have grilles included, however, just make sure that the opening is not impaired.

Wood or Aluminum?

There are basically two commonly used materials for making bathroom windows: wood and aluminum. Both are sturdy, durable and very beautiful. Which one to choose then?

The big difference between one type and another is basically the need for maintenance. Wooden bathroom windows require periodic care and maintenance against moisture, sunlight and pest attacks, especially termites. Aluminum bathroom windows are virtually maintenance free, just clean to ensure the beauty of the piece.

But there is another detail that needs to be taken into account: the possibilities for customization. The wooden windows are more versatile as they can receive many colors. The same is not true of aluminum windows. In these cases, the color you choose from the store and the color you will have for the rest of your life.

If doubt still hangs over your head, don’t worry. We’ve selected 10 beautiful bathroom window ideas that will help you decide which model to choose, check out!












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