10 Designer Tips for Lightening Up a Dark Room

Designing a room = brightening up a dark space. Yes, it’s a common challenge and while you are planning your major renovation by correcting the issue and knocking down walls or just adding windows are not the only options! We are here to tell you that. There are some foolproof tricks that we would like to share with you that pros use to add light through design details. You can start painting the ceiling, layering in accessories…

We rounded up some of our favorite tips that will absolutely help you let the light in your cozy home:

1. Dazzle with a Crystal Chandelier

The crystal chandelier has many faces that will reflect other light sources, including the Sun and lamps, throughout a space. That makes the crystal chandelier the perfect choice for bringing light into your space.

2. Paint the Ceiling in the Colors of the Sky

You can see how the light blue color when painted on the ceiling creates an optical illusion that opens up this living room for example. There’s no doubt that blue skies brighten the world!

3. Bring in the Colors of the Sun

This trick is totally worth it, as the dark space will feel brighter when filled with the colors of the sun, like yellows, reds, and oranges.

4. Light Wood Flooring

For additional light simply choose light wood flooring so it can brighten up the room. Light stains are also perfect for high-traffic areas because they are better at masking scratches.

5. The Power of a Colorful Rug

Not only that will brighten up your room, but also it will inject personality and definition to space and will show off your aesthetic.

6.Trim the Trees by Your Windows

By trimming the trees regularly, the light will reach your window and will be able to brighten your room. Also, avoid planting trees on the southern side of your home.

7. Clean Your Windows

The major effect can be reached by the most obvious thing you need to do so that sunlight streams into the room. The sunshine will peek into your room gladly if there are less dust, dirt, and splatters on your windows.

8. Be Mindful of Paintings

Never love your art more than you love a healthy dose of Vitamin D. That’s the rule here, so you can save your dark and large artworks for rooms that aren’t short on light. Also if you cover the wall with posters or paintings they will absorb the little sunlight that streams into your space rather than reflect it.

9. Supplement Your Daylight

You need to think really well about where you place light fixtures throughout your space. For example, indirect lighting aimed upward will make up for lack of light on the ceiling as daylight dwindles.

10. White or Neutral Color Scheme

The lighter the color of your walls, the more light they’ll reflect. So, you can paint the ceiling a shade lighter if your walls are already neutral, it will help light bounce around your room.


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