10 Decorative Ideas for the Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is a special celebration, as it is a time that we celebrate with family and friends. The preparations for this occasion are a challenge, from the moment to decide the decorative items to how the big dinner table will be set up. Know that there is no specific rule to determine what is right or wrong, we have separated some cool tips to help you in the assembly.


Try to work with the traditional colors that refer to the date, such as red, green, and gold. But for those who want to dare and do something different, they can innovate with a combination of colors such as silver and purple, blue and gold, brown and red, etc. Those who choose cleaner decor, try to highlight the white combined with any of these tones mentioned above.


Accessories such as candlesticks, candle holders, arrangements, pine cones, napkin ribbons, and Christmas prints offer elegance to the table. But be careful with the height of the arrangements, to avoid disturbing the conversation between the guests. And about the type of old woman, avoid the aromatic ones so as not to disturb the mealtime. Flowers may be present, but it is not necessary to insert where there is already a Christmas arrangement.

Towels and Dinner Set

Choose a beautiful towel, with discreet models and without too many vibrant and exaggerated prints. If you don’t want to go wrong, always opt for the plain white towel. Harmonize this towel with placemats and chess runners, for example.

The crockery must match the rest of the decor. White ceramic or porcelain dishes are always a good alternative for any dinner. Red bowls and golden items form perfect compositions for the Christmas atmosphere.

Abuse of the theme

Do not hesitate to use what you have saved from another Christmas, try to adapt to the new decor. Give a Christmas touch with the decorative balls, use bows, ribbons, figures that refer to the date as Santa Claus, or a small Christmas tree that can be arranged on a beautiful coffee table.

Start now to plan your Christmas decoration with our tips. And to inspire and bring you more ideas, check out some models of tables decorated for this celebration:












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