10 Charming Lake House Decor Ideas

If you had any doubts that a rustic aesthetic can’t be sophisticated, you better think twice. To design a thoughtful lake house you really need to let the charm you hold. There are always few elements that are the key elements like rustic furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, and natural materials. Maybe you never though of having a lake house, but we are about to change your mind, and plus we think that you are about to put the lake house on your calendar in the near future. And we have a proof why it’s going be the biggest thing for you! Here we have 10 stunning lake house design schemes from across the globe, dive in and find the needed inspiration.

1.Canadian Lake House

Photo Credit | Alex Lukey

This one is located on the idyllic shore of Lake Simcoe and the property’s sitting room us outfitted with zigzag cushions, and some animal print cushions. It’s a custom sectional house with a marble patterned rug, rope side tables, and a media cabinet that informs the home’s vibe.

2. Lake Michigan Views

Photo Credit | Mike Schwartz

This is the house that offers a view of Lake Michigan and is the perfect retreat for a world-travelling couples. It’s minimalist home that has an open floor plant that’s beyond welcoming, also an understated palette, rich textures like wool, velvet, and leather and thankfully a comfortable sitting area. I mean, what else do you need, right?

3. Sonoma Valley Lake House

Photo Credit | Douglas Friedman

The vintage vibe that this lake house gives is even beyond vintage. The sofa, the bar-stools and the dining table is all antique. The chandeliers are custom made and the bold green floral wall covering is here just to complete the finish look with such a grace.

4. Lake Tahoe Retreat

Photo Credit | William Waldron

Look at this retreat, just look at it! Isn’t it just beyond real? The floor-to-ceiling windows, the covered outdoor dining room featuring a ceiling sheathed in clear cedar and columns wrapped in stained Douglas fir is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. The room’s old-world aesthetic has been reached with Weiss by furnishing the space with the dining table. The finishing touch has been served with the black pendant.

5. Long Island Beauty

Photo Credit | Thomas Loof

You can see that the orange curtains bring the drama to the neutral living room in this Long Island Home overlooking Agawam Lake. Such a beauty with a lot of custom made pieces for the decor.

6. Bold Chicago Design

Photo Credit | Mike Schwartz

For someone who is into fashion, this mix of antiques and local art is the prefect combination. The over-sized gilt mirror has been placed between the large windows so it gets that touch of glam to the living and dining areas. This one is overlooking Lake Michigan, what a view ha?

7. Urban Cool

Photo Credit | Björn Wallander

To design the vacation home in the woods this urban cool Tahoe home is the prime example. It features a master bedroom with an armchair and stool upholstered with leather, and paired with a side table. You can capture that vibrant and striking blue hue on the walls and on the carpet.

8. Michigan Escape

Photo Credit | Michael Robinson

These floor-to-ceiling windows offer a beautiful view in the sitting area of a lake house in a Michigan. It is a simple combination of colorful seating options and a dose of personality in the space.

9. Lake Geneva Castle

Photo Credit | Gianni Franchelluci

This is the home of Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and his wife, french actress Clotilde Courau, a modern castle on Lake Geneva. The eye-catching details and the worm wood furniture fills the home with the earthy vibe. So calming and peaceful, it’s a cozy one.

10. Lakeside Villa

Photo Credit | Simon Upton

Do you smell the 19th-century in this home? We do, for sure! You can see it from the walls that are adorned in dried flowers to the birdcages hangings from the ceiling. So, it’s easy to tell that this lakeside villa in Switzerland is full of character.


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