10 Amazing Ideas For Decoration Of Small Hallways

Hallways are very important part of your home. They are “face” of your home – so they need to be unique and stylish. Hallways are narrower than the average room. This space is also very hard to decorate because of  uninterrupted space that is marked with long stretches. We suggest you not to ignore them. They will represent you and your lifestyle, gave an important message of you and your lifestyle right from the entrance. Hallways are giving us bunch of opportunities. Providing us their glory of decor, which picked by you, can be modern, classic, o whatever you prefer. Put some family photos, choose best ones and hang them. It is great idea, and everybody will notice it.

Very good idea is to collect unusual mirrors grouped on a white wall. They will create  an interesting and quirky feature wall that will make your hallway just perfect.
This area is a real treasure and we suggest to make them effective.  Combine furniture, mix styles and you will get perfect result. Add your character to the design of your home and have fun creating it.

Here are some cool ideas that are helpful especially for those of you who have small space for your hallway. Use this space the best you can. Here are a few creative designs. Look through this article and choose design that best suits you and your small space .

Vintage-inspired hallway

Similar umbrella stand

Latin-inspired hallway

Similar table
Scumble Goosie


Festive hallway

Floor tiles
Tiled Perfection

Bright hallway

Similar console table 

Mirrored hallway

Insider Chic 

Monochrome hallway

Similar wallpaper
Graham & Brown

Encaustic – tiled hallway

Tiled Perfection

Blue Georgian hallway

Similar paint

Country-style hallway

Similar bench


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