10 Amazing Ideas And Projects Of Rustic Bathrooms

Receptive and welcoming. This is the best definition for a rustic bathroom. But that’s not all a rustic bathroom has to offer. This small space in the house, usually made for visitors, can also be a perfect place to express personality and a lot of styles. 

Keep following the post with us to find out more about the rustic bathroom and how to plan one for your home. 

Rustic bathroom decor

Set the colors

Start your rustic bathroom decor by defining a color palette. Generally speaking, this decorative style uses a lot of earth tones, such as mustard, terracotta, and burnt pink, in addition to the green that represents nature. However, if you want a modern rustic bathroom, you can mix other colors, such as black, blue, and gray, for example. For those who prefer a rustic bathroom with a clean and soft touch, the tip is to use white in the background and woody nuances to create contrast. 

And speaking of wood, choose woody tones based on the style you want to create. Lightwood, for example, is great for increasing the feeling of space and lighting, as well as being more modern and stripped down. Dark wood, on the other hand, brings more elegance and refinement to the rustic bathroom, but it must be used with caution so as not to overload the environment too much.

beware of excesses

Rustic style can easily become tiresome to look at. This is because many of the elements used in the decoration of the rustic bathroom are “heavy”, as is the case with wooden countertops and furniture.

Therefore, always try to balance the use of materials with the colors used in the decoration. 

Nature always present

Elements in wood and stone are always featured in the decoration of the rustic bathroom. In the case of wood, it can be used on floors, wall coverings, and furniture. The stones are highlighted in the floor and coating. 

It is still possible to think of decorative ceramic details, such as the sink basin, for example. For a modern rustic bathroom, the tip is to bet on exposed bricks, burnt cement, and oxidized metal elements.

add textures

For a rustic and cozy bathroom, nothing better than adding textures to the decor. Here, rugs and hand towels in natural fiber, such as cotton, for example, as well as straw, crochet, and wicker baskets come in.

And speaking of crochet, the rustic style welcomes all kinds of crafts very well. So don’t be afraid to bet on pieces made in patchwork, crochet, and yo-yo, for example.

Plants are welcome

It is impossible to talk about a rustic bathroom without thinking about the plants. They guarantee the final touch to the decoration and add a lot of charm.

But it is important to pay attention to the species of plant that will be placed in the bathroom. Remember that every plant is a living being that needs light, some more, some less. 

How about now check out these 10 rustic bathroom decor ideas? Get inspired to make yours!












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