01 TCN House by Saraiva e Associados in Brazil

Project: 01 TVN House
Saraiva e Associados
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

01 TCN House by Saraiva e Associados

Casa 01 is nestled in the tropical forest of Itacaré, Brazil, designed to blend seamlessly with the landscape and adhere to environmental constraints. The structure minimally stands out, offering panoramic sea views from all ensuite bedrooms due to its architectural exercise and the site’s slight slope. The material palette includes ultracompact surfaces, minimal lining, and quartzite, known for their resilience in the local environment. The construction involved foundations reinforcement, protections, drainage techniques, and impermeable barriers to withstand the aggressive conditions.

In addition to the main house, there are two unique constructions: the Orchid Botanical Garden, which houses a vast orchid collection for decoration, and the Beach Bar, executed in Bamboo and Rattan, designed in an organic curve shape. The project prioritizes the privacy and togetherness of the large family residing there.

Surrounded by the tropical forest in Itacaré, Brazil, disguised among the vegetation emerges Casa 01. The design was thought together with the environmental constraints and condominium regulations, ensuring that it would not stand-out on the landscape, and at the same time, it would fit within a parallel surface and avoiding extra soil movements.

The neighbouring landscape was the main motivation for this project, so much so that it demanded architectural structure to be reduced to the absolute minimum. The marriage between this structural exercise and the site’s slight slope, made it possible to enjoy fabulous panoramic views toward the sea, from all ensuite bedrooms.

The material palette was chosen bearing in mind the relationship between the environmental requirements and the actual use. As a result, the most impactful were the ultracompact surfaces, the minimal lining, and the quartzite. All noted for being specific materials and solutions for the aggressive local environment.

The construction was extremely demanding and rigorous, articulating the foundations reinforcement, protections, contention, special draining techniques, and impermeable barriers.

In addition to the main house, there are two other special constructions – the Orchid Botanical Garden and the Beach Bar.

The Orchid Botanical Garden houses an orchid collection that will be used on the main house decoration. It is estimated that some 1500 plants will be sheltered within a Pine structure (MLC) laminated wood. Designed in a pure geometric shape, a prism, totally prefabricated and assembled on site.

The Beach Bar was ordered via S+A Vietnam, executed in Bamboo and Rattan, produced, and treated in an organic curve shape. A team flew into Brazil specifically to assemble the structure.

The project carefully assured, on various nuances, the privacy of its residents as they are a large family with extended relatives and appreciate and nurture togetherness.

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