15 Outstanding Concrete Crafts That You Can DIY Anytime You Want

Anyone who has ever attempted crafting knows that there is nothing like the satisfaction that you get after using something that you have made all by yourself. But sometimes, crafting materials actually cost more than buying the actual thing that you want to craft. In that case, you need to look for alternative materials that won’t break your wallet. One such item that can be used as a very effective and cool crafting material is concrete. You can use it to make pretty much anything you can think off.
Shaping concrete is very easy because it is liquid at first so you can pour it in a mold of any desired shape and when it dries out, voila, you’ve got what you wanted. This just proves that its versatility is truly impressive, although you should keep in mind that your crafts can actually be quite heavy.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 15 Outstanding Concrete Crafts That You Can DIY Anytime You Want. With these projects, we want to show you that concrete isn’t just for sidewalks and driveways. You can make some pretty impressive decor elements, all you need is creative ideas and that is what we are here to give you. All of the ideas that you’re going to see in this collection come together with complete step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

DIY Concrete Letter Bookends

Concrete And Gold DIY Plant Pots

Concrete Crafts – DIY Lace Cement Votives

Simple DIY Concrete Clock

DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler

DIY Concrete Vase

DIY Concrete Letter Magnets

$5 DIY Concrete Plant Stand

DIY Concrete Bowl

Two DIY Geometric Concrete Projects

Concrete Votives

Concrete Pencil Holder DIY

DIY Concrete Door Stopper

Concrete Candle Holder

DIY Concrete Ipad Stand


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