Would You Go For a Dark Shade in the Living Room?

If you are passionate about decoration, if you are rethinking your decor, it is very likely that you have seen images of dark-colored living rooms on the web. It looks nice. Dark colors are not suitable for all interiors and all living rooms. Personally, a living room in total look even if it is in dark blue, we think it would weigh on my morale. But if you are trying to change the colors of your living room and go to the dark side of the force, this article should be useful for you. We will see what are the dangers when using a dark color in large quantities in the living room. We will also see that the dark can be used in different proportions in your living room. Finally, we are going to be interested in colors, what dark colors lend themselves well to the decoration of the living room? All of this is covered in the rest of this post.



Dark colors are trendy, there is no quibble, but they are not easy to use correctly. We’re not telling you to go your way and forget about this idea. No, it can be a great decorative idea, but unlike the Scandinavian trend where it was enough to buy the right furniture and decorative items without thinking too much, there, if you just apply a dark paint on the walls of your living room, you risk to masterly screw up your decorative effect. These are the main risks when choosing a dark color to decorate the living room:

  • Transforming your living room into the Adams family mausoleum
    Even if we love the Adams family films, the risk of dark colors is to give a gloomy side to your decoration. This is not necessarily the case when you think about its decoration and the treatment of color, but if you do not think about it, it is a significant risk.
  • Turning off the natural light in your room
    Another danger of dark colors, especially the way they are presented to you in recent months, is to lose all the light in your interior. Indeed, in addition to the dark side which absorbs light, we often have matt colors that are presented. And the mat absorbs light even more. It’s very pretty but you have to be able to afford it and it is not given to everyone. Even if you work with artificial light in your room, will you live well with the fact that natural light only diffuses very little in your living room?
  • Make your living room smaller
    Dark colors have another characteristic to take into account: they create a “smaller” effect. It is often used to dress. We tended to use black a lot to conceal the “excess” shapes a few years ago. Whether in fashion or decoration, dark colors tend to shrink. This is to be taken into account especially if you find that your living room is already small or low in the ceiling.

Here we have some successful ideas on implementing the dark shade in your living room:









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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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