Wooden Garden Furniture – Models for a Timeless Outdoor Corner

How about succumbing to the timeless charm of wooden garden furniture? Do not judge it classic too quickly, over the years, wooden garden furniture has taken advantage of the whimsical eye of designers to modernize and become ultra-design. Rigorous lines or welcoming curves, awakened by exceptional fabrics or whimsical backrests, garden furniture in exotic or classic wood multiplies the details to play up the charm of a terrace that is right in tune with the times.

Why choose wooden garden furniture?

A great classic of outdoor garden furniture, wooden garden furniture continues to be essential on terraces and balconies alike. Low wooden garden furniture with sofa or series of armchairs, wooden garden set with chaise longue sofa and small coffee table, the combinations adapt to the surface area of ​​the premises and inject them with timeless elegance.

In addition to its increasingly polished look, wooden garden furniture wins hands down first place for the most “sustainable” garden furniture. With proper maintenance, its longevity is assured. Rot-proof wooden gardens furniture such as ipé and teak are highly prized for their longevity. Water and Marseille soap will remain your best allies for successful maintenance. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use a high-pressure cleaner on your teak garden furniture or other exotic wood garden furniture. It would risk being too powerful and attacking the fibers of the wood.

How to decorate your wooden garden furniture?

Whether typical or contemporary, if wooden garden furniture is always a great success on our terraces, it is for its ability to move in all styles. Some will be handy enough to embark on the development of garden furniture in wooden pallets. Others will prefer the ultra-classic wooden garden furniture that they will wake up with colorful textiles or graphic patterns: cushions for the wooden garden sofa or pretty decorative accessories for the wooden garden table. The garden rug will be welcome to perfect this corner of relaxation.

Unique ideas of wooden garden furniture:








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