Wooden Box House by Suzuki Architects in Kawaguchi, Japan

Project: Wooden Box House
Architects: Suzuki Architects
Location: Kawaguchi, Japan
Area: 850 sf
Photographs by: Kenta Hasegawa

Wooden Box House by Suzuki Architects

Suzuki Architects have designed a stunning simple and compact home in Kawaguchi, Japan that even has space for a hair salon and a guest room. That doesn’t sound too impressive until you find out that the Wooden Box House is only 850 square feet. This minimalist residence manages to incorporate business, leisure and family life in a very small package that does not seem to be lacking in anything.

A house-cum-office for the mother who runs a local hair salon, and for the father who works as a writer for 40 years.

On the first floor, there is a salon and a dressing/sleeping room in the back for the mother. When windows are open, wind goes through the large space under the eaves facing the town.

Lively activities arising here will add energy to the town. On the second floor, there is a writing/sleeping room for the father where he can enjoy the landscape of the next garden, and a dining kitchen also serving as a buffer of the couple’s lives.

This architecture has a simple plan reflecting the couple’s lifestyles, and wood over time gives the taste and warmth to architecture in various ways.

Suzuki Architects


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