Wohnhaus am Hainerweg by JOP Architekten in Germany

Project: Wohnhaus am Hainerweg
JOP Architekten
Location: Germany
Area: 3,379 sf
Photographs by: Richard Pflaume, Studio Englert

Wohnhaus am Hainerweg by JOP Architekten

The Wohnhaus am Hainerweg is a modern residence located in Germany designed by JOP Architekten. The architects took inspiration from the surrounding residential buildings with sloped roofs and created a slim building with a gable facing the street. The result is a simple, archetypical house that blends into the neighborhood while still standing out.

The building’s open-plan layout and multiple terraces and loggias offer a variety of spaces for the residents to enjoy. The fusion of the inner and outer houses creates various types of spaces, ranging from complex to simple rooms. The timber structure sits on a solid concrete base and is distinguished by different colors and materiality for the inner and outer houses.

The use of Sikalastic for the roof cladding gives the outer house the same look as the walls, creating a beautiful contrast with the wooden façade of the inner house.

The plot is characterized by the surrounding residential buildings with sloped roofs, and the available narrow site. This leads to the idea to design a slim building with the gable facing to the street. The building appears in a simple form of an archetypical house.

The “inner house” meets the functional requirements according to program. Following the “house in house” principle it is covered by a traditionally shaped, outer house” with saddle roof.

The inner house is designed with open-plan layout and multiple terraces and loggias according to the clients guidelines. With the fusion of inner and outer house various types of spaces are created. Complex and simple rooms alternate.

The inner and the outer house differ in color and materiality. Both are constructed as timber structure sitting on a solid base of concrete. Change of construction and material is comprehensible anywhere,  externally and internally and was also adopted in the design of the surrounding garden. The separation of the base by the springback of the lower floor gives the building the look of levitating above ground.

Product Description. By using Sikalastic, we had the chance to create the cladding for the roof of the “outer house” in the same look as the walls of the “shell”. The contrast to the “inner house” with the wooden façade is strengthened.

JOP Architekten


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