Why You Should Get Plumbing Inspected Before Buying a Home

Before buying clothes to wear, you usually look at the dresses, try them on, and make certain they fit. A mechanic might also come and check out your new car. You’ll take a test drive, look at the engine, and maybe you’ll even hire one to look at the car, too.

A home has to be checked out by inspectors if it will be sold to someone else. Besides having the home checked for sound construction, you’ll want to ensure that the house is inspected for sound plumbing because you don’t want to have plumbing problems later.

Reasons to get plumbing inspected before buying a new home

Inspections can be very powerful.

Most people think that a plumbing inspection isn’t necessary, but the problems that might be found after you move into a new home would make the cost worth it, even if you didn’t need it.

There should be plumbing inspections, but they aren’t. However, if you want your new home to be ready for you to move in, you should get a plumbing inspection done. The reason for this is to ensure the plumbing works are carried out quite well.

Adverse Effects of Not Getting a Check-Up

You do need to get your plumbing checked, and here are some problems you might face if you don’t get it done.

  1. Plumbing problems will not be found until it is too late.
  2. You’ll only know about the plumbing that you can see, so don’t worry about it.
  3. The plumbing outside your home may have problems you don’t know about, so you should be careful.
  4. The plumbing problems you can’t find until later can cost a lot of money.

This may happen again and again.

There is a higher likelihood of spending a lot of time dealing with plumbing problems.

In the last few years, we’ve learned.

Even worse is to move into your home and later find out that there are plumbing problems. It’s even worse to find out so late that the plumbing issues become a huge liability and even cost more than if you had learned about them before moving in.

People who find plumbing problems early on are usually better off than people who don’t see them until it’s too late.

Unknown problems with plumbing

You may have already checked some of the plumbing in your home. Only the plumbing you can see with the naked eye will be limited. When it comes to the main sewer line, what about that? Some pipes are buried under the ground. If a tree has roots, are there pipes near it?

You can only assess what you can see, and you may not know about other problems that may be lurking in your home. A plumbing inspection can look at everything in your home. You can contact Gold Coast Plumbing Experts for this.

Plumbing problems that happen outside

Many plumbing problems are outside of the home because the piping system doesn’t just stay inside. This means that many plumbing problems are outside of the house. If someone has a sprinkler system or an irrigation system, they may have issues with the plumbing in the system. The pipes outside may also have many problems that only a plumbing inspector can figure out.

It costs a lot to have problems

It will be costly to fix when you buy the house because you didn’t know that the septic tank had to be changed.

Most septic tanks have to be buried in the ground, which means renting a backhoe, digging up the floor, paying for the septic tank, planting it, connecting it to the plumbing, and covering it up again. This is a lot of work.

Repeated Plumber Check-Ups

Having unknown plumbing problems after moving in may mean that you have to call one plumber after the other. This is because you may have many problems over time, which you could fix right away if you had hired an inspector to look at the home before buying it.

Lost Time

People don’t like to waste time, especially when they have a lot to do during the day. Plumbing problems in your new home can take up a lot of your time, which means you may have to miss work or family and friend events to fix them.

Discolored water: Is this a big deal?

Discolored is common in many homes, but it’s usually easy to fix. Most people who have discolored water don’t know the reasons behind it. But, the most likely cause is the breakdown of a water heater or an underground pipe leakage or crack somewhere.

Your plumber should be able to figure out why the water isn’t clear, and they should come up with the best way to fix it.

Toilets: Are they working as they should?

Check to see if the toilets work and ensure they don’t leak anywhere.

A toilet that leaks may need to be replaced, and if there is mold at the base of the bathroom, more steps need to be taken to fix that.


The water heater must work and be on for the home to get hot water. The plumber will check the whole water heater to make sure it isn’t leaking and there isn’t any rust in the heater.

You should check the heater you have used extensively to see if you can use it at home for a few more years.


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