Why Loft Conversions Are So Popular In London?

Take a meander through London’s city streets and you’ll see property upon property boasting the increasingly popular home renovation option – the loft conversion. It’s clear to see that the popularity of the loft conversion has grown exponentially here in London and for good reason too. There are numerous benefits to enjoy when you go up instead of out. Here’s a run down of just a few of the reasons Londoners are choosing loft conversions more often than not.

Keep Hold Of Valuable Outdoor Space

In London, it’s quite common for homeowners to be restricted on the amount of outdoor space they possess. By having a home extension, be it a single storey or double, you automatically sacrifice the little outdoor space you have. With a loft conversion however, you enjoy additional square footage without touching even one metre square of your outdoor space. You quite literally get to enjoy the best of both worlds, giving you the opportunity to enjoy greater additional value because not only do you increase your property’s square footage but you still get to benefit from private garden space.

Enjoy The Cost-Effective Option

When you compare the prices of home extensions to that of a loft conversion, you’ll see that loft conversions are actually far more cost-effective. The reason being, the loft conversion is making the most of an otherwise empty space. With home extensions however, you’ll be spending thousands on footings before you even lay a single brick. Throw in drainage and more and you’ll see that loft conversions will cost you far less in the long run yet still bring you in a great return on your investment.

Forget Unnecessary Costs

As we previously mentioned, you’ll be spending thousands on groundworks and drainage before you lay a single brick, should you opt for a regular home extension. If you’re considering moving instead of opting for a loft conversion, you’ll likely find yourself just as surprised at the costs involved there too. With a loft conversion however, you’ll find the costs will only encompass the design and planning (should you need planning) and the construction itself which begins from the roof up. No more throwing thousands beneath the ground or spending the earth on moving fees and stamp duty.

Enjoy An Increase In Property Value

By having a loft conversion carried out on your home, you can expect a pretty great ROI with a great deal increasing the property’s value by almost 20%. Compare this with the much more cost-effective outlay to begin with and it’s a great potential increase on property value.

Contact The Experts Today

If you’d like to look at going up in your property with a loft conversion, we recommend contacting the experts Clapham Construction Service. With over 2 decades in the industry, Clapham Construction Service have become the go-to loft conversion specialists in London and have an incredible team that will take you from the very first phone call to the finished product with ease and efficiency. Call them today on 0203 950 7957.


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