Why is it Important to Document the Architectural Plan?

For designing a wonderful architecture; an architect needs to possess the required skills and an ability to execute a perfect blend of mathematics, art, and design. The expertise of an architect is judged by taking into account the visual context. However, the field of architecture is not merely visual or verbal; but it consists of an active participation in writing as well. Prior to bringing the architectural plan into force, an architect has to document the same in the form of blueprints.

Blueprints are, actually, a well-designed essay on the architectural project. They act as the fundamentals and the reference on which the actual architectural construct is based and are an exceedingly necessary component of the entire architectural project. While, as a student, you can, certainly, pay for essay online and get it written by experts; however, as an architect, you cannot do the same and have to apply your knowledge and expertise for making the architectural project a roaring success. Below-mentioned is certain points which highlight the importance of documenting the architectural plan.

  • Provides a Clear Answer for all What, Why & How.

Before commencing the project, everybody involved has a lot of questions in their mind. What needs to be done? Why was a particular component added to the process? How should a particular requirement be achieved? Merely providing verbal answers to these queries won’t suffice. Hence, prior to beginning the actual construction, a documentation or a blueprint is prepared which takes into account all such queries and provide a clear answer to the same.

  • Communicates a Positive Note to the Client.

The client or the owner of the final architectural construct, who can also be the sole financier of the entire project, must have certain concerns and requirements of his own. An architectural documentation is a way of sending a positive note to the client that his/her concerns and requirements have been given due consideration and are included before preparing the plan.

  • Acts as a Reference for all Future Enhancements.

It is not necessary that the client will remain a happy life long with the same type of architecture or he may sell the same to another person who has a different set of requirements. In both these cases, the existing architectural construct is required to be enhanced. At this stage, the architectural plan comes into handy as it acts as a base for the addition of required enhancements. Β 

  • Sets down the Rules

Rules and principles govern our entire life. Similarly, certain rules are required to be followed to achieve the exact architectural construct as desired by the client. These rules or principles are set down in the architectural plan itself, prior to initiating the actual construction.

  • Helps to Access the Viability of the Architecture

Beginning the construction process and later realizing that the final architecture won’t be viable or feasible means a sheer wastage of essential resources and time. To prevent this, an architectural plan is documented through which the viability of the entire construction is known even before the same is built.


These are only some of the major points that highlight the importance of documenting the architectural plan. Without documentation, there are strong chances that nothing will move in a planned manner and the final construction will be impacted in a negative manner.


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