What You Need To Know Before Renting An Air Compressor

Renting an air compressor can provide one with a lot of benefits. They are portable and extremely powerful. They can provide just what you need to get the job done. Maybe you just started a little home project that requires a little torque and power than what your traditional electric tools will provide. Maybe you are renovating a home you just bought at rock bottom price. Whatever the situation is, there is an air compressor out there that can suit your needs. Renting an air compressor offers the perfect solution to your needs and it might save you a little money in the process. However, before you just run out and rent an air compressor you need to make sure you choose the right one for the job.

Consider The Power Source

You will find that there are two main power sources for an air compressor. This will be electric and gas. As far as pressure goes, you should know that the gas and electric will both produce the same amount of pressure. There are different sized compressors available, but an electric compressor rated at the same size of a gas compressor will produce the same amount of pressure. That being said, electric compressors are more suited for indoor work, as they require electricity. And, gas compressors cannot be used inside because they produce exhaust fumes. Consider your working location. Are you going to have access to electricity? Will you be working outdoors?

Know Your CFM Requirements

When it comes to air compressor rental, you will have to choose one that pumps enough air. Air is typically measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The CFM that you need will really depend on the types and number of tools that you are using. Some compressors have more than one outlet, allowing multiple users to operate several air tools at the same time. Your tools will have CFM ratings listed on them. To calculate your total CFM needs, you will need to add up the requirements for each of the tools that you intend to operate at the same time. Once you have this number, you probably want to add about thirty more percent to that number.

Know Your PSI Requirements

The amount of pressure that a compressor is capable of delivering is rated in PSI (pounds per square inch). Any number of tools can require different amounts of pressure before they actually operate. Once again, just check the ratings of the tools that you are using and make sure you choose a compressor that is fully capable of operating them.

The Tank Capacity

Most air compressor will have tanks. They are rated in gallons and this is where the compressed air is stored. The size of the tank that you need will really depend on the types of tools that you will be utilizing. For instance, a sandblaster or grinder might require a larger tank because these tools are usually used for longer periods of time. Nail guns and tools like this are only used in short bursts, so they probably won’t require as much air.


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