What You Need To Know Before Renting A Storage Unit

Storage units are a great option for a number of individuals. Whether you have just simply run out of room in the home or you need a place to hold your items while you are moving, a storage unit can provide the solution that you are looking for. They are also excellent options for homeowners that are renovating or just experienced a major natural disaster. Such units can safely hold your items during any transition. That being said renting a storage unit really requires more consideration than one might imagine. You never just want to blindly run out and rent a storage unit without first making a few important considerations.

Set Yourself A Deadline

There is no denying that storage units aren’t handy devices. However, they aren’t free. In fact, such units usually charge a monthly rate that will become rather expensive over time. Most people that place their items in storage end up leaving them there longer than they first thought they would. Sure, it can be easy to postpone clearing out the storage space when you don’t have to look at the items in your home every day, but this will become an expensive postponement. This is why really need to sit down and set a realistic deadline. One great way to make sure you stick to this deadline is by renting the space for that amount of time only. Instead of paying on a month by month basis go ahead and pay upfront for the expected time frame that you are going to be storing the items.

All Units Are Not Created The Same

Another thing that you have to remember is that no two storage spaces are created the same. This is even true if you are renting through the same company. There are vast differences between facilities in security measures, cleanliness, temperatures control, customer services, and the availability of moving trucks. Weighing these considerations before renting a space will ensure that you get a space that will meet all your requirements. KeepSafe storage in Perth is an excellent option for any business or homeowner that is looking for convenient, climate controlled storage.

Consider Rising Rates

Price is without a doubt going to be something that everyone considers before they choose a storage space. That being said, you really have to watch out for those storage companies that offer low move-in discounts. Such companies will let you move in for a cheap rate, but as the months go on, you will find that your bill just keeps increasing and increasing. Check the rates and find out with the manager how often the rates rise.

The Hours Of Access

Another thing that you have to consider is the hours of access. Most storage units will probably be located behind a secured fence or some other type of security. This is a great feature that will provide the security that you need to keep your items safe, but if you are not sure when you are going to need access to the items it can be troubling. Such facilities with security precautions like this will probably only allow access during normal business hours. If you will be accessing your space during after business hours then you will need to consider an alternative solution.


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