What You Need To Know About Plants In The Office

The benefits of a real, green plants in the workplace are almost invaluable. Greenery beautifies the space, reduces stress, increases elan and purifies the air. Many studies show that as a result of all this, you will be 40% more productive and 50% more creative. Therefore, because of all these benefits, consider buying office plants as an element that will contribute to the progress of your career, and your productivity.

Today we will reveal some basic but useful tips for plant selection and care, which will help you to enhance your workplace and make it more inspiring. You need to focus on plants that do not need much care, so it will not be a problem if you skip one or two waterings, because you are busy with the job.


Choose plants that purify the air. If you do not have much natural light in your workplace, opt for plants that do not require much light. In the winter, heating in the rooms is stronger, and often the air is dry. Therefore, under such conditions, plants need additional watering. Plants, as well as people, enjoy the temperature between 19 and 23 degrees. So do not place your plants near the fan, radiator, and front door. These are simple rules that everyone need to know, when planning to set plants into the office.



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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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