We Teach You How To Make The Most Magical Advent Wreath Of Christmas

If you want to give your DIY crown a special touch, go out for a family day out in the country and collect these treasures of nature. When you light the candles, it will be magical!

  • 1. Choose the branches and ornaments to decorate
  • 2. Start coating the base
  • 3. Decorate the crown with pretty motifs
  • 4. Decorate with candles
  • Origin of the Advent wreath

Would you like to prepare your Advent wreath this Christmas? With your care and dedication, you will create a magical atmosphere at home. Go ahead and learn how to make a Christmas wreath step by step, it will be very easy!

1. Choose the branches and ornaments to decorate

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary utensils. You can take advantage of the weekend to go out one day to the countryside as a family and collect all these treasures of Nature.

  • A base in the shape of a ring, which you can buy in florists or bazaars
  • Gardening wire or green cotton twine
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pliers
  • 4 candles

As for the plant elements to make the crown, fir, thuja or arizonic branches are the ideal ones to give volume and leafiness. To decorate the wreath, “you can choose small pinecones, nuts, berries, or winter flowers. All this will give a natural touch with a special charm.

2. Start coating the base

– Cover the base in the shape of a ring with the branches of fir, yours, or arizónica.

– Fasten them with gardening wire and with the help of pliers or cotton cords.

3. Decorate the crown with pretty motifs

Go put the decorations you want in your Christmas wreath: pine cones, wild berries, flowers … and hold them between the wire or with cotton thread so that they remain fixed to the branches of the wreath.

4. Decorate with candles

The tradition is to light a candle each of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve. If you are going to use the crown as a centerpiece, you can put 4 beeswax candles. D they will give off a pleasant smell of honey.

If you have children you can light the candle after dark and read a story with them typical of this time of year. And if you prefer not to put candles, the crown can be used to decorate the door of the house or a special corner of your home.

Origin of the Advent wreath

It is said that the ancient Germans used to collect evergreen branches on winter nights. With them, they formed a circle and lit a fire as a sign of hope in the coming of spring.

The circle is a symbol of the eternal cycle of the seasons, the green branches of immortality and the light of fire resemble the force of the spirit of life that is reborn every year, even when the days are darker and colder.


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