Water Mirror in Architecture & Decoration

The water mirror is a way to bring some of the nature inside the residence. Known for being a shallow pool, it provides a unique beauty with the presence of water and its reflection of the surroundings. In addition, it is synonymous with sophistication and elegance in any space or facade, further highlighting the building elements.

In the landscaping area, the water mirror can enter gardens, balconies or building entrances. In these cases, it has the function of demarcating circulation by blocking access and balancing sober materials such as concrete and wood. For a more contemporary feel, use concrete slabs to connect indoor and outdoor environments.

In the internal areas, the water mirror gives the sensation of freshness, softening the heat and dry weather, besides providing a pleasant and cozy environment. In large homes, the water mirror comes in as an item that connects and connects the spaces.

Check out our special gallery below for over 60 amazing and creative water mirror suggestions and bring more harmony and lightness to your home. Check out our gallery and get ready to become inspired!











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