War House by A+B Architectes DPLG in Montmorency, France

Project: War House
Architects: A+B Architectes DPLG
Location: Montmorency, France
Photographs by: David Cousin-Marcy Photographer

War House by A+B Architectes DPLG

The War House is a luxurious minimalist residence located in Montmorency, France. This single-story dwelling was designed by A+B Architectes DPLG with the intention of providing views towards the surroundings which include lush woods that also create a bit of privacy.

The site offers two singularities: a wooded area and an access by a pedestrian path. The intention was to enjoy the view towards the wood while providing privacy from path.

The principle of the house is the resultant of these two figures: a parallelepiped stretches 25 meters facing the woods, opening widely to the landscape by a large full height glass frame of 22meters. This volume is cut by a large mineral wall that creates a privacy from the neighboring, while distinguishing and organizing the interior spaces of the home life and auxiliary spaces.

The glass facade facing south is protected from summer through this extension of the roof sunshade sun, and the interior natural stone flooring extends to a generous wooden terrace. The openings in the north wall are minimized for thermal reasons and also to obtain a more intimate facade.

The small cantilevered box and the end of the glass corridor is the children’s area they can take a nap or read while enjoying the view. A secret passage is arranged to allow passage of the corridor to the room.

The structural system mad of prefabricated laminated wood panels, combined with the aesthetic quality of the exposed wood has allowed a formal liberty .Thus, the entire ceiling of the house is a large area of ​​solid wood without apparent fallout beam, which extends far to the outside, visually enlarging the interior space.

A+B Architectes DPLG


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