Wanwei Roast Duck Wangfujing Branch by IN.X Space Design in Beijing, China

Project: Wanwei Roast Duck Wangfujing Branch
Architects: IN.X Space Design
Location: Beijing, China
Area: 6,781 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Zheng Yan

Wanwei Roast Duck Wangfujing Branch by IN.X Space Design in Beijing, China

Elevating the brand image to resonate with the target audience and creating a vessel for memories, Wanwei collaborated with IN.X in June 2023 to design the Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine restaurant at Wangfujing Department Store, Beijing. Wu Wei, the founder, believes in blending culture and ambiance to tell stories, exploring the fusion of ancient and contemporary, Chengdu and the capital, tradition and passion.

The space embodies a balance between warmth and coolness, passion and precision, smoothness and ruggedness, contemporary and past. Rooted in Chengdu’s inclusive and vibrant spirit, the design incorporates urban characteristics through architectural elements, metallic surfaces, and warm hues. The narrative quality is woven into the space, posing questions and providing answers.

Against the urban backdrop of Beijing, the space reflects Chengdu’s essence, the “City of Heavenly Abundance.” It captures the inclusive and carefree spirit of Chengdu through interwoven architectural elements. Taste connects with time and tradition, preserving memories entwined with flavors like Peking duck and Beijing cuisine. In the rapidly evolving commercial landscape, the design aims to preserve the precious experience of taste blending seamlessly with the present moment.

The specific expression of space is handled with an effortless touch, aiming for accuracy and relaxation. From the entrance to the open seating area, ancient wooden beams and contemporary structures coexist. Metallic materials inject a modern touch, while rocks and water features break from traditional compositions. The representation of Beijing’s old shadows integrates seamlessly with modern materials, and red color reflects the flavors of human sentiment, enriching cultural inclusiveness.

A strategy-first approach ensures the brand’s DNA aligns with the region, business district, products, and diners. The design bridges tradition and innovation, establishing a unique brand image amidst competition. The goal is to create an inseparable impression complex of space and food, engaging all five senses and enhancing market awareness while adapting to changes.

-Project description and images provided by IN.X Space Design


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