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The walls surround, protect and delimit the area of ​​the property. But who says they can’t be cute too? More and more, the beautiful walls have gained prominence in the composition of façades, whether indoors or outdoors.

And if you also want to ensure that touch of style for your home wall, keep following this post. We brought many tips and ideas to inspire you, come see.

Material ideas for beautiful walls

Color and ink

The simplest, fastest, and most economical way to make the wall of the house beautiful is to bet on a new paint job. And there are several ways to paint walls. The first and most common of these are solid, uniform color paint. In this case, just choose the color of your choice and apply it to the wall. Another way to bring color to the wall is to do fifty-fifty or color-graded painting. This type of painting works very well in modern homes that look young and bold.

Finally, you can still choose to bring drawings and images painted on the wall, from the simplest to the most complex. Graphics are the most popular form of wall painting, but there are others. It all depends on the effect you intend to bring to the facade. You can even write sentences.

Rustic concrete

How about leaving the wall the way it came into the world? We are talking about concrete. This type of finish is modern and has the advantage of being very economical, after all, you don’t need to do anything with it.


This third wall covering tip is very popular and has a strong aesthetic appeal. You can choose to use rustic stones in a fillet style, for example, or more sophisticated stones in the form of slabs, such as marble or granite.


Nowadays it has been very common to use wood to finish walls. It can be used as the main material, forming a kind of panel over the wall and covering it completely, or even be used as a complement to another material, such as exposed cement, stones, and the painting itself.

However, the wood needs to receive special treatment so that it does not suffer under the effects of time.

Lighting Details

Regardless of the effect, you intend to bring to the wall, one thing is certain: some luminous details make all the difference. Lighting with sconces, spots, and LED strips makes the wall more beautiful, but it also contributes to night signaling, helping those arriving at the house to find their way around. Another important point of wall lighting is security, especially if you choose lamps with occupancy sensors.

With grid

One of the most used and beautiful wall models in Brazil is the one that mixes the use of masonry with iron or aluminum grating. This type of wall prioritizes both security and aesthetics, as the perforated railings allow the visualization of the interior of the residence, inhibiting the action of criminals.

With glass

Glass walls are not very common in Brazil, but they are still an option. This type of wall is successful for its clean and elegant beauty, keeping the façade of the house fully exposed.

However, it is necessary to be careful with the type of glass used, since only tempered glass is indicated for this purpose, precisely because it is more resistant to impacts. And, if you don’t want an all-glass wall, be aware that it’s possible to blend it with other materials, including masonry and wood.

3D Effect

The wall with a 3D effect is the one finished with raised pieces that stand out from the surface. You can simulate this effect with a variety of materials, such as stones, ceramics, and wood.

Integrated landscaping

In addition to the vertical garden, you can still choose to integrate the backyard landscaping with the wall. To do this, all you need to do is make beds close to the wall and plant species that grow vertically.

A good example is a bamboo that is capable of covering the entire length of the wall. But you can still use pine trees, loofahs, and other smaller species, like St. George’s swords, for example.

How about now check out the following ideas for beautiful walls? Follow the images below and get inspired:











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