Villa Carber by Buratti Architetti in Cazzano Sant’Andrea, Italy

Project: Villa Carber
Architects: Buratti Architetti
Location: Cazzano Sant’Andrea, Italy
Area: 8,611 sf
Photographs by: Marcello Mariana

Villa Carber by Buratti Architetti

Villa Carber is a beautiful mountain home located in the hills of Val Seriana, Italy. It is designed by Buratti Architetti and can accommodate its residents with up to 8,611 square feet of living spaces, surrounded by a lush natural environment that is simply going to take your breath away. The whole layout is focused around maintaining privacy and autonomous sections for the two brothers and their families.

The topic of this project is about the typology and the image of single villa with garden. This means to work at the same time on the isolated domestic building type and on the articulation of volumes and interiors that allows the project to have two independent and autonomous houses for two brothers, placed in the green with a good level of privacy.

The plot is in a very good position on the first hills of Val Seriana, and the house tooks place into this strong sloping terrain, touching the mountain on one side and opening to the valley on the other side.

The service areas, the garage and the technical rooms are placed on the north side, stuck into the ground, whereas the house’s main spaces, the living area and the bedrooms, are placed on the south side, with some cantilever parts into the trees and with a very good light during all the day long.

From a tectonic point of view the house has two faces: the north side, on the mountain, is heavy with thick stone walls and small windows; the south side, open to the valley, has large windows open on wide terraces. The main two overlapping terraces seems to fly over the trees thanks to the strong cantilever that characterized the architecture of the building: this element is in contrast with the all the other near existing buildings but well integrated with the natural landscaped.

The roof is the other main element of the villa, the one that keeps together the different parts of the building. The topic of the gable roof, the traditional typology of this area, has been re-interpreted and designed playing particular attention to the eaves: these are not only a part of the roof but becomes technical and sculptural elements, designed with great attention for the shape in every detail.

The entry area clearly shows materials and finishing of the building: aluminum for railings and garage covering, zinc-titanium for the roof, natural larch wood for window frames, wall coverings and ceilings, Sarnico stone for exterior walls and flooring, white plaster for walls.

Buratti Architetti


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