Very small house from Russian architect Andrey Bugaev!

This tiny house with just 18 m2 of inner room is situated in Moscow region, Russia. It’s really cold here in winter, the temperature is as low as -35°C (-31°F).

This mini house suits for one adult living permanently or for the weekend stay for two adults and two children.
People come to “The Ship” for the weekend in winter and the house stays empty for the rest of the week. When there’s no-one inside it is designed to save the energy energy but to be ready for a visit anytime. The temperature of 5°C (41°F) is maintained automatically in the waiting mode.
On the arrival of visitors the fireplace is started and the temperature rises to 20°C (68°F) in half an hour. In half an hour more the bed is getting warmed and ready – no matter how cold is outside. You won’t get cold in this small house for sure.

This mini house is really tiny and it won’t take long to clear it up.
The house stands on a hill near a river. An open porch is on the Eastern side of the house. In summer when it’s sunny the porch is lit until the noon. You can have a meal in the fresh air in the afternoon, the porch will protect you from the sun.

The “Ship” is very small with only 18 m2 of room. However it has everything that is necessary for a convenient living. There are two large wardrobes in the hall. There are big wardrobes as well in the corridor near the fridge and over the bed. There is a bath that has a shower cabin, a basin and a toilet bowl. The kitchen is small but comfortable, the kitchen table is combined with a dining table.
This tiny house has a second tier that can sleep and play children. Antresol (mezzanine) is located above the bathroom and entrance area. Her area of 6 sq m. Children love this place as their own space to play and relax.
A TV monitor on a spinning holder on the wall is placed so that it’s comfortable to look at both from the bedroom and from the dining table. It’s even seen from the kitchen clearly. The house is very small.
When there’s a frosty snowstorm outside, it’s just the time to have dinner with your back to the fireplace. It will definitely warm you up.
The cabin is built on frame technology. On the outside it’s covered with specially prepared unedged planks. The planks are first brushed then covered with blue transparent paint and then white finish is applied with a pallet.

On the inside the house is sewed round with organic wooden planks.
All the materials used are completely organic, all the house was assembled directly on-site.
The winters in Russia are really snowy and the snow falling from the roof can harm a lot. That’s why the slope of the roof is unsubstantial, of only 18°. Given such a slope the snow won’t slip down from the roof under its own weight. Even if there’s a huge pile of snow on the roof, it’s not that bad. In this case the snow works as an isolator and mini house “Ship” becomes even warmer.
The porch goes round the three sides of the house and protects the walls not only from the sun, but also from getting wet when it’s rainy and windy. It protects the wood from destruction.
Seats are built in the fence of the porch all around its perimeter.

On the both of the sides of the porch there are actinidia plants. Those are a sort of liana. When they grow they protect the walls of the small house from direct sunlight thus taking care of the finish.
Wall gardening is not only aimed at protection. The lianas prevent the floor of the proch from getting wet in the rain. They smell great in bloom in spring and in autumn there are a lot of tasty fruits on the branches. You can enjoy their taste sitting right there on the porch of tiny house “Ship”.

Architect: Andrey Bugaev
Location: Moscow region
Floor area: 18 sqm
General square: 63 sqm
Year : 2012

Korablic_01_620X Korablic_02_620X Korablic_03_620X

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