Vault on Vault Villa by KRDS in Nur, Iran

Project: Vault on Vault Villa
Location: Nur, Iran
Area: 4.736 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

Vault on Vault Villa by KRDS

Discover the Vaulted Villa: a modern architectural wonder in Royan, overlooking the Caspian Sea. This project seamlessly marries ancient Iranian vaulting techniques with contemporary design, achieving a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Its north-south orientation maximizes natural light and ventilation while adapting to the coastal climate, making it a harmonious, visually striking residence.

The Vaulted Villa project is located at the end of a villa township in Royan city, which overlooks the Caspian Sea. Two goals have been pursued in the design of this project: one is an architectural aspect; an attempt to use the facilities of vaults, which the ancient architects of Iran have dealt with in abundance. The other is about harmony with the environment of this region.

Regarding the first purpose, it seems that what was possible with the facilities of the materials and construction systems of the day was done in the design and construction of this kind of structure. Today, with the advent of advanced steel and concrete structures, new possibilities have been opened for new further experimentation, adding new and creative compositions to the collection of architectural works in the vaults and domes carried out in this complex.

Iranian architecture is formed in two forms vaults and domes, and double-shell domes can be considered the culmination of such structures. In this project, in following the work done on the structural compositions of this kind of dome, this time, we come up with new combinations of vaults, by cutting and rotating the vaults in perpendicular directions and placing them on top of each other so that a load of each is supported by the lower arch, we achieve new combinations of arches that are original in their kind.

In this new model, the top vault load is transferred as a point on the pole of the lower vault and is reassigned to the walls. This type of load distribution is not in the composition of the old vault and is only possible with the use of steel beams. In addition, it is visually comprehensible and understandable, so it extends architecture beyond mere aesthetic aspects.

For the second purpose, to coordinate with the northern climate, the building is oriented to the north and south to benefit from a light and proper ventilation. The direction of air movement is from the seaside, and the opposite openings create blinds and cool the air inside. The east and west sides are closed as much as possible, and the light shadow of the movement of the sun on the vaults creates a temperature difference on the sides and, as a result, air movement around the building. The mansard roof system is used to cover the upper parts of the building, while the base walls are cement. These are the same materials that have been used abundantly in this region to deal with harsh rainy conditions.



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