Project: Assembly Buildings
Architects: URBANJOBS
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Photographs by: Courtesy of URBANJOBS

Assembly Buildings by URBANJOBS

URBANJOBS, has designed 14.000 square meter complex office interior for Assembly Buildings.

The layout was designed for Assembly Buildings that offers high segment shared office systems and accordingly deals utterly with the mutual working spaces, special suites, activity and social areas, and provides service not only for central offices but also for many high segment accommodation facilities in Istanbul.

The area of 14.000 m2 designed by URBANJOBS was planned to form a “building community” incorporating the most extensive facilities in Istanbul. It has become a presence comprising of various venues and areas to be used simultaneously by thousands of renters, with its floor plans following an ideational and practical design process of 1 year, as well as the designed lifestyle.

Numerous and multifunctional systems were planned from concierge services to cargo distribution, conference halls to multi-purpose activity areas, vertical gardens combining 4 floors to pilates studios, all day restaurants to mutual office areas, bars to recreation rooms, which resemble a hotel with no accommodation.

Nearly 20 facilities which include restaurants, conference halls, floor gardens, gallery spaces, agricultural gardens can be allocated for other user and users simultaneously. Moreover, by combining these facilities at once, mobile venues were also designed that are capable of creating larger activity areas and offering the needs of indoor and outdoor areas all in one. For instance, whereas a part of thousands of people working within the facility attend to conference, the other part can do pilates in the studios, some can have business talks in all day restaurants, meanwhile some can work in the vertical gardens extending though floors, or other group can hold meetings in combined meeting rooms and floor garden allocated to them. In addition, the facility also has podcast studios allowing 3 to 4 people to broadcast simultaneously. This giant and complex community intersects at the various places, times and events of the venue.

All working spaces were moved to the window ledges and storage, preparatory kitchen, cargo center, cloakroom spaces and wet areas (bathroom and showers) were moved within the scale, to ensure all users receive light and lower energy consumption. There are gallery spaces in the middle of the building, with the height of 4 floors and 150 m2 floor spaces each. Design crew planned a structure in one of these spaces that links two floors, escalate by elevation rather than ladders and allow users to socialize in each elevation, also built a structure within the other block of 4 floors, resembling a giant vase that can be seen from each 4 floors. This structure creates an oasis for those looking from the aisles in the top floors, meanwhile the ground level of the structure was planned a recreational space.

-Project description and images provided by URBANJOBS


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